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For us, sustainability means that our actions ensure that we can continue to offer a place for wonderful experiences in the distant future. For us, this place is on the water, and the fact that our boats run on solar power is a logical conclusion.


Our ships, our events and our work are constantly evolving. In 2017, we managed to develop the first solar-hybrid conference ship. Since then, we have realised many extraordinary events. For us, innovation means more than just technical progress. It’s a way of looking at things in a new way. True to the motto: anything is possible, even if it hasn’t been done before.


Ships inspire and water even more so! Our vision is to give everyone the opportunity to experience “being on the water” and to share it with their friends and colleagues. You feel good on the water. That’s why our goal is to give everyone a great experience on the water with great boats and a good team.

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